Patrice R. Porter

This is the coronation, celebrating a life well lived of Patrice Porter. Please join in the celebration and the gift of Patrice Porter.

Patrice R. Porter was born at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on July 7, 1962. She was the eldest child of Rainette and John Magee. Shortly after followed her brothers, Joe Magee and John Michael Magee. It was after hurricane Betsy when the Magee family moved to Washington State. Patrice was raised where faith was the center of life growing up Catholic and then becoming saved at 21 years old.

She believed faith is not without great sacrifice but also great reward. After her first marriage and loss of a child, Patrice longed for a family. It was then that God promised her she would be rewarded. Patrice Magee met Alton G. Porter after church one day and he offered her a ride. Shortly after, he told her, “You’re my wife, you’re what I prayed for.” Patrice’s response was “No way! You’re younger than my youngest brother!”

As their relationship blossomed, they got married on December 4, 1992 just six months after they met. As they grew together Patrice was given a prophetic dream. God promised her five children. God showed her all five in a dream and gave her each of their names. Patrice always said all the babies looked alike in her dream. Patrice was blessed with Elizabeth the eldest, then Aaron, Tony, Tracey and Nicole. Shortly after Elizabeth was born, Elizabeth stopped her work as a Court Clerk to be a stay at home parent and support the family business, Porter’s Place BBQ.

Patrice always said her children were her greatest accomplishment, having gotten sick and almost dying having each of them. However, she always had faith there was a plan, even in the journey she took with her husband Alton. Each day Patrice instilled scripture into her children, teaching them scripture at home and watching Nest Bible videos. After years at home, Patrice supported the restaurant managing until its closing in 2012. After the passing of her husband, she worked to support her children through work at Goodwill for a year then 7 years as a Fred Meyers Associate, until her passing December 20, 2020.

Patrice is survived today by her five children, who until the end she was most concerned about. At the time of her passing she was in the midst of prayer, asking the EMT’s to please keep her children from getting sick. She is now joined with her husband, two brothers, sister-in-law and father-in-law at peace.

Celebration of life services

Live streamed January 8, 2021 12:45 Pacific Standard Time from Church For All Nations-Tacoma, WA. Pastor Bill Wolfson Sr. Pastor Hemet Christian Assembly, Hemet, CA officiating.

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