Stacey Schultz  1961 – 2021

Stacey Erica Schultz, of Sheldon, Washington, passed away on June, 15, 2021.
Born September 20, 1961, Stacey grew up in Pullman, Washington, a small town on “the Palouse” in the eastern corner of the state. Her parents, Vincent and Patricia Schultz, ensured that her childhood was spent enjoying the great outdoors on the expanses of the rolling wheat fields, the Palouse Range of the Clearwater Mountains, and the nearby Snake River. She learned to appreciate the natural world; her father passed on his love of animals, while her mother made sure that Stacey could light a fire with one match, and set up a safe campsite in the Girl Scout tradition of “being prepared”. When Stacey became a mother of two young daughters, she served as a Girl Scout troop leader in order to pass on to them the Girl Scout values which she had learned from her mother. Her daughters, Erica and Jessica Ewton, learned from Stacey to love nature and animals; in particular dogs. Pembroke Welsh Corgis were always well-loved members of their household.
Stacey was devoted to her children, and they grew up to be independent, of sharp intelligence like their mother, following in her footsteps to enjoy sailing, scuba diving and swimming. Her daughters were encouraged to appreciate learning, develop inquisitive minds, and seek educational opportunities. Throughout her illness, her two daughters showed great love and devotion in their care of their mother.
After Stacey graduated from Pullman High School in 1979, she earned a BSEE in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, an MBA in Business Administration from Portland University, and a PhD from Portland University in Systems Science, Engineering and Technology Management. She was an innovative, multifaceted, and a results-oriented leader in program management, strategy and strategic planning.
Stacey was creative, spontaneous, and known for her quick wit and abundant laughter. In her typical take-charge approach to life’s challenges, Stacey put one foot in front of the other while battling a rare and uncurable disease called igG-4. She did so with dignity, integrity, and courage. She got the job done without procrastination as she had always done with any challenge, and she made sure her affairs were in order so that her daughters could focus on maintaining academic excellence in school and move forward with their goals. “The girls” were the focus of her life.
In lieu of funeral services, Stacey preferred that her estate be used for others, rather than herself. Her daughters ask that all who wish to participate please honor her memory by donating time or money in her name to any of the following foundations which exemplify Stacey’s loves and life goals: Girl Scouts of the USA, Conservation Northwest, Girlstart, ChickTech, and The Humane Society of the United States.