Thomas Martin Priester, fencing master, visitation services will be held Wednesday October 20, 2021 3pm-6pm at Scott Funeral Home.

  1. Andrew Glynn says:

    Tom was a fountain of knowledge and a pretty good fencer. He also had a touch of the absent minded professor which made him even more lovable. I’ll miss seeing him at the fencing salle but he won’t be forgotten.

  2. Denise Owen says:

    Tom was a loyal and true friend. His knowledge and attention to detail made him an enjoyable conversationalist. Tom embraced individuals from all walks of life and circumstances. I will miss him, as will many others.

  3. Lauren roux says:

    Tom was a joy to speak to and a lively conversationalist. He always had time for a quick chat, even if it ventured into a longer discussion. He always had a nice word or life story to share and really enjoyed discussing his previous work and how much life and people meant to him.

  4. Twyla Priester Woods says:

    My brother Tom was super kind and gentle. He had a keen intellect and a quirky sense of humor. I suffered along with him at the end wishing I could do something to help him. He had great friends most of whom I did not meet until his final illness. I want to say thank you to Tom’s friends for caring for him and sticking with him until the end. You helped me get to know an aspect of Tom I had not known before, as a leader who cared dearly about his friends. With love for my big brother, Twyla Priester Woods

  5. Twyla Priester Woods says:

    Twyla, Tom’s sister has felt so much love through his friends during Tom’s final illness.

  6. Stephanie Tetloff says:

    Farewell Tom. Your kind heart and gentle soul will be missed by so many and will always be remembered.

  7. Elsa and Rod Hominda says:

    Tom was such an interesting man and he loved a good conversation. Our memories of him at the fencing club will be forever cherished.

  8. Brodie says:

    Tom, thank you for the support and confidence building you gave me in the fencing community.
    You were always incredibly kind, and so incredibly intelligent.
    I look forward to meeting you again in the next life.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Tom always wanted to help and share his skills..from toxicology to fencing..Ill miss his big love and his messy desk. XO Tom. Rest in peace.

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