Remembering: Timmy Johnson was born to Claudie Johnson and John Thomas on February 26,1968 in Phoenix, Arizona. Tim is the 5th oldest child out of 11.

Growing up Tim was wild as wild could be in his youth and right on into his young adulthood. Tim’s nick name was (Bon Jovi) back in the day. I don’t quite know why but his friends did. I just knew my brother was no singer.

When Timmy was younger, he was a dare devil, he would often try to defy gravity.  Once I recalled him running on the roof of the house while it was wet. Well, it did not work out well for him, he hit the ground like a side of beef. There was this other time when we were all at the swimming pool and Timmy thought he could run and dive in the pool before the lifeguards caught him. That didn’t go so well either. Timmy jumped in the air and hit his head on the side of the pool, missing the water completely.

Tim had so many more incidents like this in his lifetime as he mature, he was truly covered by God. Tim was a very comical person even in his time of distress or anxiety. Tim’s heart was as big as his laughter. He would make you laugh, and he would help anyone in need. He was a loving father, brother, son, friend, Uncle, nephew and cousin.

Tim enjoyed Camping with his kids and spending time with them. He liked doing odd jobs, fishing, barbequing, hanging out with family and friends. Tim was the life of the party or always making you laugh whatever function he attended.

Tim is joining his son Christopher, our mother and two older brothers in Glory. He’s leaving behind his sons Marcus, Timothy, Thomas, Michael, and Matthew, and his daughters: Esther, Mia, Kajah 11 grandchildren.

Brothers: Eric, David, Danny, and Johnny. Sisters: Gail, Jeanette, Denean, Monic, a host of cousins, nieces and nephews.

Funeral service : Friday June 9, 2023, 12pm at Edward Temple COGIC1107 21St Street  Tacoma WA, 98405


    Timmy was a good guy as well as a friend and he is going to be missed I went to visit today and told him we all loved him no matter what had occurred in his life . R.I.P. Timmy.

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