Born in Ta’u Manu’a on May 24, 1947 to the late Lauifi Tauiliili and Vaipunalagi Namulauti Tauiliili. Tuifea migrated from American Samoa to Hawaii in 1966, then from Hawaii to Seattle in 1970. There he met the love of his life Vivian. They were united as one as husband and wife on February 8, 1974. In Tuifea became the very first Pacific Islander police officer for Seattle Police Department. In 1980 he was commissioned. In 1981 he had a heart attack which set him back and did not allow him to continue to serve. In 1982 he found a new way to serve his community. and worked for the King County Warrant Office.  In 2002 Tuifea decided to retire and spend some much needed time with his children and grandchildren. Tuifea  Tia priority in life after retirement were his grandchildren. He loved to go fishing, lift weights, and spending time with his grandchildren.. He had a heart of gold! Anyone who was in need for food, clothes, or a place to get cleaned up whatever it was he opend his heart heart, his family, and his home.

Visitation services for Tuifea L. Tauiliili will be held 10am-6pm December 4, 2020. Face masks will be required.

  1. Carol Ezekiel Jojo says:

    I love you grandpa , I’ll see you Friday . You was such a caring man always made sure we had food before we all wake up for breakfast . I miss everything about you grandpa this is going to be hard but we will we get through it I promise I’ll take care of grandma for you ! The boys & I Miss you So much 😭❤️

  2. Mona says:

    Lately I have been having allot of sleepless nights , everything has seem to be going wrong and spiraling out of control without u dad. !! You and moms anniversary is coming up and my heart hurts jus as if u jus left us on nov 22nd at 603pm …. realy wish I could come visit u in heaven and see that smile and jus tell u I love u just 1 more time !!!
    I love and miss you so dearly daddy !!

  3. Mona says:

    I miss U so much daddy
    Life has been used since u been gone
    I have been lost without u wish I could visit u jus 1 last time I need to hear yur voice I love and I miss u like crazy

  4. Mona says:

    I miss u daddy so much life is hard. I need you, I wish heaven had visits because I would be 1st in line

  5. Mona says:

    Your birthday is in 2 months and honestly dad I dont know what and how to feel I love you and I miss you life without you seems so unreal. Everyone has gone crazy and out pf control I miss you dad wish I could visit you just want to see your smile and hear your voice one more time.

  6. Mona says:

    Your birthday is next month and my heart hurts as if you just left. I cry alone and away from everyone as the days wind down to your birthday I feel like I can’t control my emotions I love you dad and I wish you was here or at least I wish there was a visiting in heaven to see you I love and I miss you sooo much

  7. Mona says:

    I miss u so much your bday is coming up so soon this is gonna b hard for me
    Wish there was visiting in heaven I love and miss u daddy

  8. Mona says:

    I miss u dad so much really wish u was here .. as the days wind down to your bday the days get harder to deal with I wanna cry and be alone .. I could only imagine how mom is feeling without u !! I miss u and I love u daddy !!

  9. Mona says:

    Happy heavenly birthday daddy !!! It’s yur 1st birthday in heaven and it’s so hard for all of us !! I wish I could come visit u I love u daddy

  10. Mona says:

    Lately it’s been real tuff dad. I just wish you were here so I knew what to do. Mom misses u a lot, so does Huga, and the rest of the kids. Life has been hard without you, it still doesn’t seem real. I was jus thinking of you. I love you daddy and I miss u like crazy … for my birthday I wish I could visit, hear your voice just one more time, have a hug, and see that smile of yours !!!! Man I’m missing you so much right now daddy, I love you!!

  11. Mona says:

    I missing u so much yur 1 yr is next month I don’t how imma take it really wish heaven had visiting I really wanna come see I so bad

  12. Tuifea Lauifi-tauiliili says:

    Merry Christmas pops ..I miss u every single day…I long for the day I’m crossing that river to take my place with all of y’all .love u pops . ..

  13. Mona Taamu says:

    Tomorrow is your birthday.. I don’t think it’s gotten easy for me or any of us since you been gone .. I hope you visit mom tomorrow she really misses u allot dad .. I love you please visit mom and I love and miss you

  14. Mona says:

    I miss u daddy .. I know moms sick pls don’t take her jus yet pls … pls b by moms side and watch pls give us more time with her I love u dad

  15. Carol jean says:

    Missing you so much grandpa happy new years I love you papa please know I’m trying & I feel like this is my only way I can talk to you I love you papa grandma’s sick lately just please don’t take her yet just please show her that your here and give her lots of love strength & prayers I love & miss you papa ☹️

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