About Scott Funeral Home and Cremation Services

Scott Funeral Home and Cremation Services has been serving the Tacoma community since 1967.

Our Founder

Larry Ray Scott, better known as L’Ray Scott, was born in Boulder Colorado on July 15, 1939, to his proud parents Fredonia and Lonnie Scott. The Scott family moved to Denver when Mr. Scott was a baby. He attended public school in Denver.

Mr. Scott fell in love with playing the trombone while in middle school, and music played a significant role throughout his life.

Mr. Scott graduated from San Francisco College of Mortuary Science in 1963, and went on to the University of Puget Sound to pursue his bachelor’s degree.

Mr. Scott opened House of Scott Funeral and Cremation Service in October of 1967.

L’Ray Scott married Kitty Dorman in 1976 and later that year the couple had their first child together. Mr. and Mrs. Scott had four children: Corey Scott, Coretta Scott, Corwin Scott, and Corenna Khieu. He was a devoted father, husband, and grandfather. Family meant the world to him.

Mr. Scott was a member of the Tacoma Urban League and a member of the NAACP chapter of Tacoma. He founded the Mount Rainier Benevolent Society. He created the Culture Club to help disenfranchised inner city youth. Mr. Scott expose them to the fine arts, proper etiquette such as table manners and respectful behavior in society along with classical music.

Mr. Scott was an avid reader and writer. He wrote short stories and poems. His work was also published in many newspapers and magazines. Mr. Scott was a social activist who believed in social economic justice for all people. He campaigned for the empowerment of others, and fought vehemently for justice on behalf of his community. His influence can still be felt today in the lives of many.

Mr. Scott passed away on May 14th, 2001 at the age of 61, leaving behind a rich legacy of compassion, justice, and hope for all.

House of Scott changed our name to Scott Funeral Home and Cremation Services in 2018.