Born Sunday, June 12, 1955 to    Dorothy (Fergurson) and Arthur Kemp in Seaford, Delaware. Millicent lived and grew up in Delaware, New York, Washington DC, Maryland, New     Jersey and Washington State.

After finishing her education and working in several fields including   education, and retail she decided on  nursing.

After receiving her Certified Nursing Certificate, she joined the nursing staff at Lyons VA medical center in  Lyons, New Jersey. From 1985-1996  she specialized in senior patient care.

She relocated to Washington State in 2003. She continued working in health care facilities throughout the greater Tacoma-Seattle area until she became ill in 2019. Despite the grim diagnosis and it’s depilating affects, her wonderful hope” helped her maintain that bright smile, dignity, sense of humor and a zeal for living life to its fullest. Her faith, joy, and endurance has inspired many!

Millicent was mother to three boys, Kendu, Martain (Tony) and Ja’Mar Kemp. Grand children: Tiffany J. Jones-Kemp, Ja’Mar C. Jones-Kemp, Martain Kemp Jr. Desmoud A.    Parish and Dominic Rankin.

She precedes in death by two sisters Aloma Marie, Porselyn (Janes), two brothers Alfred and Martain Kemp. Millicent is survived two sisters: Patricia and Harriet. Three brothers: Leroy, Alexander, and David Kemp. We will miss our dear mother, sister, daughter and friend.

II Timothy 4:verse 7 us to remember Millie’s life journey.” 1 have fought the fine fight, I have run this course to the    finish, I have observed the faith”

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