Guy Holder 1949-2020
Dear Guy,
I will never understand the life you were given. I am not grieving your death. I am grieving how hard your life was and how the last six weeks of your life were so very cruel. The nightmare started the first night in the ER. After three weeks we finally had a team of two doctors and three physician assistants to care for you with loving kindness. I will always hold them in my heart.
Your beginning on this earth started with a deformed leg and hands. These disabilities required month long hospital stays. Doctors worked to create a higher function in your challenged limbs. And you suffered – bullied by so many, our father with PTSD, losing your sweet wife to cancer, which broke all of our hearts but especially yours. The tragic car accident, where lives were lost, leaving you with a traumatic brain injury and a lifelong downhill heartbreak. Oh how you loved your favorite people and places; Steve and Amber at Hanger Clinic, Jackie at Active Day, Lolly, Dr. Hershkowitz, Maureen, Mary, Carmela, Working at the Tides Tavern with Tim and Pam, everyone at St. Claire’s and your cousins Mike and Debbie. How they loved you so honestly, offering you the experience of being respected.
You loved old cars and restoring them, your gold and silver medals in swimming at the Special Olympics in Argentina, your great pool playing, gardening and owning the White Horse Tavern.
You leave behind a beautiful daughter, Jeni Dowse, two charming grandsons, Joey and David Gekelman, your beloved mom, Joyce Holder and brother-in-law, Dal Winterowd. And you leave behind me, your sister, who has loved you from the beginning, through it all, to the end and now forever.
Three people told me that they saw you dancing on the clouds with a big smile on your face.  That makes me happy. Your life was a long journey of joy and pain and I am honored to have been on the path with you. You will eternally be my brother, my friend and one of my greatest teachers in this life of mine. I am grateful to have been your sister and your advocate in a system that has not always been fair to you.
Sail on Sweet Soul,
Your sister, Jamee
Memorial at our house SUNDAY, March 15th at 3pm
  1. Mark Carr says:

    I lived next door to Guy til I was 5 years old and have good memories of him. When I was a seventh grader we played on the jr. high baseball team together ….I have to say that I think Guy was one of the most positive people I ever knew. I wish life could have been easier for him. Mark Carr

  2. Kitty North says:

    Jamee, so sorry for your loss and to the family Guy left behind. I have wondered throughout the years what had happened to him. We lost contact years ago after he left the White Horse. I loved him dearly. I live in AZ now so will not be able to attend the memorial, but I will hold him in my heart forever. I wish the best for you and your family.
    Love, Kitty

  3. Roxanne Varney says:

    Oh Jamee, I’m so sorry. What a beautiful testament to Guy. The Holder family always treated me so well when I worked for you at The White Horse. Guy teased me endlessly, and he thought he was so funny! I have a lot of great memories of the Holders. I am so sorry Guy suffered so much, I only saw the smile.

  4. Nancy Sorensen says:

    It was a privilege to be blessed with knowing Guy. He gave me perspective when I spent time in the hospital. He made me face life at a time when I was giving up! I’ll forever have a spot in my heart for this selfless fun caring man.

    ~Nancy Sorensen

  5. Edward Boress says:

    Gee Guy, I had no idea. May God love you like no other.
    You and I spent a lot of time together, and overnighters too.
    I searched for you for quite a few years. My dad told me you had a tavern and a beard, in Tacoma. That’s all I had to go on.
    I’ve always loved you Guy and it’s sad we drifted apart. We’re pretty much the same age, so guess I’ll see you on the other side.
    Hope you have your BB gun with you. We’ll shoot some flashing lights out of the street cleaners.

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