Hope Vironica Kleber Rehn

Born May 8th 1947 Rockford, IL
Passed April 23rd 2021 Tacoma, WA

Grandma Hope was a true jem. She was free spirited and danced to the beat of every musical drum. The type of person to have your back no matter what. She had so much love and pride for her family that it often felt like a big hug. Her jam was to show off her great-grandkids, parading them around like first place trophies. A personality so bright and joyful you dare not forget to invite her to all the parties. When she wasn’t with family or enjoying her soaps she was out with friends at bingo or the casino, enjoying every moment.

She was a happy woman and did as she pleased. Nothing was politically correct about her. She didn’t bend the rules, she rewrote them. Always advocated for herself and others. A pillar in the lives she touched. A true pioneer and lady to look up to.

Visitation services

Sunday April 25, 2021 11:30am-1:30pm at Scott Funeral Home

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