Kenneth V. Shuler
Longtime resident of Bremerton, Kenneth Vernon Shuler 69, of Port Orchard died March 24, 2021, at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Gig Harbor.
He was born May 13, 1951, in Lewiston, Idaho. Kenny was preceded in death by his parents Leslie and Josephine Shuler, brothers, Carl, Richard and Frank Shuler. Also preceded in death by his girlfriend, of 36 years, Kim Marts.

He lived in South Dakota and Westport, Washington. Kenny enjoyed working at Coleys restaurant and Bay City Sausage in Westport. He really got a kick out of searching for treasures on the beach with his medal detector. His heart was in Westport. Kenny has also worked at PSNS, Bremerton and Naval Base Kitsap, Bangor.

He also enjoyed collecting different things. Kenny was always eager to show off his treasures and tell a “funny” joke or two.
Survivors include his brother Al (Jeannie) Evans of Clarkston, WA, four sisters, Judy (Joe) Amiotte of Rapid City, SD, Kathy Nichols, Norma (Jim) Manske both of Bremerton and Jan (Mark) Hagestad of Auburn, WA.

Kenny was a family man and a loving father to Kittin Marts and a loving grandfather to, Kelsey Marts, Terry McFarland and Jacob Marts and a great-grandson, Anthony John Vernon Marts all of Port Orchard, WA.

A memorial will be held May 15, 1:00pm at Evergreen State Park, Bremerton, WA.

  1. Gary Brewer says:

    Worthy men are often recognized for there selflessness and self-sacrifice in caring for their families. Kenny, in my opinion was such a man. He went above & beyond, with support for Kim, his life partner, & her child Kit, as well as his extened family & also a few close friends, while expecting little for himself in return. If love & family are valuable assets, then there’s no doubt Kenny was a wealthy man. It speaks volumes to his kind, calm & collected deposition. in many ways Kenny was a memorable character for sure and he will be missed.

    Kenny & his brother Frank, were like Peas in a Pod. I’d venture to say they were the best of Friends too.
    I first met Kenny through his brother Frank back in 1982 along with the rest of his family. At the time they both were renting small Cabins across the street from Evergreen Park. Together, these two brothers managed to keep life interesting for a lot of us, myself included.

    Like many of us, Kenny lived his life as he was able, doing the best he could with what little he had to work with which wasn’t much to speak of at all. Still Kenny seemed to manage life better then some. There was always a business deal to be made with Kenny. It’s what he lived for. Besides helping pay some of his Bills, the wheeling & dealing aspect was a tremendous part of his enjoyment throughout his life. I believe every day was a treasure hunt for him.

    Visiting Kenny would always present new opportunities to buy one of his newly discovered treasures. Once I purchased an 18K Gold Ring with 12 Diamonds from him for a steal. A couple of years latter I lost that Ring at his brother’s (Frank) place while we were getting our Buzz on and recklessly getting our ears pearced by each other. I can’t remeber if Kenny took part in that extravagant activity. Probably not, because by then he had already quit drinking completely and was smarter then the average drunken Bear. Not drinking anymore ment he was the perfect designated driver for Frank and us party goers. Thank You Kenny!
    This world was a better place while Kenny Schuler was in it. Like his Brother Frank, he will be missed. Rest in Peace my friend.
    Gary & Kim

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