Good Morning “Pilgrims and Sojourners”:

My name is John Richard Foulkes, Jr,. known to many as “Ricky”. You have probably heard that I have gone to be with the Lord. I am sorry for any distress that my transition has caused for you but want you to know that what Isaiah prophesied and Paul quoted is true, “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.”

I began my journey with you on Wednesday, April 12, 1961 at a little after 0600 hours at the Provident Hospital in Chicago, Illinois. My mother, Sarah Lucille Foulkes, and my dad John Richard Foulkes, Sr. were surrounded by a loving family in addition to friends who became my “village.” In fact before my sister, Sarita Lynnea Foulkes Williams, got here I had a whole bunch of Momma’s to myself, Momma Marilyn, Momma De De and Momma Carol.

I was shepherded through the culture defining and life preparation systems of the school system and the church through my parents and my “village.” There are a few members of that village like my cousins Gene and Rolland and partner Kevin who are sworn to secrecy. Dad started influencing the educational system soon after I got here and both Mom and dad were active in the church which often time became home because Dad was the pastor. I became knowledgable of all of the building trades because my Dad and Uncle Otis kept building stuff and making me think I was their helper. The Boy Scouts became my early system of achievement as I tagged along with my Dad and Uncle Ronnie as they led the awesome troop 1346 in Chicago. I was to young to actually join that troop but when Dad started pastoring Parkway Gardens Christian Church I was old enough to join and bugged the scout masters, Frank Pitts and Reginald Parker, to advance me as soon as possible. I went all the way to Life Scout and began working on my Eagle Scout when I discovered girls.

After graduating from high school I started college but paused that and entered the Marine Corp, After being discharged from the Marine Corp I came back to Chicago and began working for the Gas company. It was this investment in natural gas that led me into fireplace and furnace repair coupled with electronics at Devry. My Dad and Uncle Otis’ enslavement of me through building or repairing homes plus the electronics and heating work became foundational for the creation of Rams Heating and Air Condition in Washington state.

Anna Toyo Kellum and I fell in love with each other while in college. She became my wife on August 21, 1993. She has remained my closest friend and confidant until I went home although we weren’t able to sustain our marriage.

Kristina D. Gardner and I fell in love after I moved to Tacoma and on December 3, 2003 she became my wife. Out of our love and to our marriage was born on November 4, 2003 John Richard Foulkes, III, Jay.

I was taught to think critically, feel deeply and invest aggressively in my passions. This sojourn of ours, which we call life, has presented us many opportunities to do well as to make mistakes. I will have to wait until all of you get here and after Christ comes again to claim his church to have my total conversation with Christ but, believe me, being in the presence of his glory is unbelievable as I am part of the throng of believers that are here, praising him constantly.

See you when you get here. The one who “loves you more”,

John Richard Foulkes, Jr. (Ricky)

Celebration of his life and memory

Thursday June 10, 2021 3pm  at Scott Funeral Home  Pacific standard time