Riley Steven Emery | January 20 1993- March 12, 2024

Riley was a sweet kind soul, and so very smart. He left our lives way too early. I will miss my baby but will see him in heaven someday, you don’t have to suffer anymore Riley. Love mom

  1. Staci Anderson says:

    To my dear brother, who has left this world too soon.
    We will all miss you deeply. While it wasn’t funny at the time, your mischievous pranks and antics, will be remembered fondly as they brought loveable joking to our lives.
    You had your struggles and you knew it, you’ve tried time and time again to fight your battles and banish your demons, and I truly believe that if you weren’t taken from us as soon as you were; you would have beaten them.
    But you made sure everyone knew you were alive and fighting, messages that we will never lose and can look back on, knowing while yes, we have lost an amazing part of this world; you are free from the chains of addiction, God’s embrace has freed you and I bet you feel like a kid again.
    I love you Riley, God Bless,

  2. Amy says:

    i guess it’s the time that i never wanted to come. may my brother Riley rest in peace. i’m so sorry to let you go but you’re not suffering anymore. you didn’t deserve this, i love you very much and im sorry i wasn’t there for you more often. you’ll forever be in my heart thank you for giving my childhood very memorable moments. i’ll forever cherish you and my kids will always know who you you always, love Amy

  3. Sandi Hall says:

    You will always be remembered and loved. I always prayed for you every night when I went to bed. I know there are people in Heaven that will love you. You will never be forgotten.


    Sandra Hall Grandma

  4. Aaron Anthony says:

    I never thought I was gonna type this. It’s really sad to think the person I spent many great moments with would pass away so young and soon. I miss Riley so much and it hurts that I never go to say goodbye. I wish he was still with us so I could tell him about all the stuff I accomplished and to see if he needed anything. May he rest in peace and stay safe forever

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