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Coping With Sudden Death

Coping with the Sudden Death of a Loved One

First, the feelings of disbelief enter our bodies. Then, the shock comes in when we hear the news about the death of a loved one. When we realize that our beloved is gone, the currents of feelings that consume us can be very intense. There is no easy way to cope with death, especially of a loved one, but there are ways to alleviate the feelings that may come on.

It is difficult to prepare for the sudden death of our loved one, but for starters, we can celebrate their life and remember the memories we’ve shared together. Funerals and memorial services are an important commemoration, honoring those who have passed. These services, such as “celebrations of life,” can make us feel better about the sparing pain encountered from everyone the death has affected.

A way to memorialize the unexpected loss can be planting a Kiri tree in the deceased honor. This conveys their life’s celebration while growing a tree that can last hundreds of years in their honor. Think of gifting a planted tree to those who passed that can eventually blossom to be beautiful and vibrant for generations to come.

Mourning is a healing process, and the process can and will affect everyone differently. Another way to cope can be talking to friends and family about your experiences and memories. Remember that it is okay to have a variety of different feelings when it comes to death, especially of a loved one. Try not to keep your feelings inside as this can be a burden to you and those surrounding you.

Lastly, take time to consider what is important in your own life and the life of those around you. Celebrate all of the moments of closeness you do have with the people you love, along with the moments you’ve shared with those who have passed. Death can help us appreciate life by celebrating those we love, while we also feel sad, empty, and lonely. Expect to feel these emotions, but remember we are all on the journey of life together. With togetherness and love, we can overcome the feelings of loss.

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