Alex Angelo Simianer passed away unexpectedly January 27th, 2021.

Our sweet Gentle Giant, Brother, how the world treated you with such malice and unkindness. Because you could only communicate with the world through your gentle touch, curious eyes and humble heart. Our loving Ferdinand, a gentle bull who would kindly protect his loved ones, yet loved the simple pleasures of life; animals, putting puzzles together, drawing and coloring precious momentos for your family. We have so many memories brother; you always finding a way to take apart anything with such ease; you already showed your strength at such a young age, but did it with such gentleness. You always had a way to make us smile, laughing at the most silliest things, reminding us to enjoy the simple joys of this world. Our fondest memories of when you were our little baby watching Barney and The Elephant Show, us singing the “Skinnamarink” song over and over as you light up with joy and laughter. Or your favorite show “Friends”, and what a message it gave us- ” I’ll be there for you”. Thank you brother. Your innocence and sweet loving soul made us who we are today. We would never know what unconditional love was, if not for you Brother. You taught us patience, humility, and what true love is. You gave us laughter, happiness and endless joy. With all the hardships you endured, you always beamed like the sunshine, never allowing the ugly harsh world to bring you down. We love you more than any words that can fit on paper, we will miss you indefinitely. Forever in our hearts you will always be. Be free and happy Brother, play in the fields our sweet Gentle Giant, we will see you again. Love your sister’s.

Celebration of life services will be held Monday February 1, 2021 at 4pm at Scott Funeral Home. Attendees are limited to 30 people and masks are required to enter the service

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