Latreezse Darnell Judkins

Latreezse “Trez / Taz” Darnell Judkins

Latreezse Darnell Judkins, affectionately known as Latrez, Trez, Taz, Young Taz, Takewon, VillGates, Vill Gates Estate, Down with the city, and a few others, was born August 13, 1980 in Seattle, Washington (the corner of the map). Raised on the south side of Seattle in the Lakeshore Village on 53rd and Henderson, Trez was an athletic youth, excelling in basketball, football and academics. During these years he developed a unique and charismatic way of expression: rapping.

Under the moniker Vill Gates, Trez used his dynamic way with words to tell his story and record countless singles and features with many of his rapper peers. Trez released a number of mixtapes. He connected with his community, family and friends by way of this raw gift of story telling. Trez attended elementary in the Seattle area, attended South Shore Middle School and eventually gained his high school diploma (2000). Trez also enrolled into college courses a few times, but went another route outside of formal education, and became a business man and worked along side his family’s helping to build their dreams. Trez had a passion for community, family and fatherhood

Trez worked so hard to pave a better way. He was so proud of the community and entertainment work he did with his sister, going to events and speaking and promoting throughout Seattle, Tacoma and all the way to Olympia. Trez got his hands on governmental politics when he testified for an education law. The news reporters started calling his sister (and pseudo manager) to interview him! Trez went on to start Chasen Executive Sweeps with his brother and continued to produce music through All The Stuff Entertainment. Trez started many more business ventures, and left us with such a rich reflection of the potential of what he was able to build with such a strong mind, and loving and generous heart.

Trez was a driven, talented individual who made day-by-day plans, that he successfully completed prior to his passing. He was involved in weekly spiritual guidance sessions with his mother, for the last two-three years of his life, in which Trez rededicated his life to God, and professed God as his provider, strength and sustaining power. Our family shares so many precious memories, and the most noted attributes of Trez’s are his beautiful smile, pearly white teeth, and humorous and caring personality, along side his tenacity for life and survival.

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