In Loving Memory Of Willie Ann Newell
Willie Ann Newell was born Willie Ann McDaniel on June 6th, 1954 in Tacoma, Washington at St. Joseph Hospital. Willie Ann was born to Mary White McDaniel and Reginald Stanley. She lived all of her life, barring a few traveling experiences, right here in Tacoma. Willie Ann graduated from Lincoln High School, Class of 1972. She was a very beautiful young lady. Willie Ann was what I would call “A free spirit”, for lack of a better way to put it. Willie Ann did what she wanted to do, how she wanted to do it, when she wanted to do it, and where she wanted to do it. Willie Ann would say exactly what was on her mind if you caught her at the right moment, and would share a few choice phrases with you if she felt the need. And even though she had lots of heart, (like our mother), she also, like momma, had a soft side. You just had to know her really well, and sometimes look just a little bit deeper to find it. Willie Ann loved to cook, and could cook when she wanted to.  Those of you who knew her knew that if you didn’t make her mad before she fed you, you had a good meal coming. Momma taught her well; Biscuits and Corn Bread from scratch, clean chitterlings, Rabbit smother in Gravy, always trying to save me the “Big leg”, cause that’s just how we did it. Some of Y’all know what I’m talking about, everybody else, just imagine a really good meal of your choosing, she could cook it.

Willie Ann Married Jesse Newell in the 1990’s. Jesse took really good care of my sister until he passed away himself about 5 years ago. Willie Ann worked as a caregiver for many years, caring for our mother until she passed away in 2009. She also cared for a family friend, (Brothers) as we called him before that. Willie Ann has one son Dontese R. White, and one grandson Dontese R. White Jr. (Little D.) She loved her son unconditionally, and her grandson was definitely the light of her life.

Willie Ann was preceded in death by her Father-Reginald Stanley, Mother-Mary White McDaniel, Beloved Husband-Jesse Newell. She leaves to cherish her memories her beloved son, Dontese R. White, (Wife Geneva), Grandson Dontese, (Little D. and Mother Korama) Brother Ellis, (Daughters Natashia, son Mico, Evette daughter Corazon (Wife Toni, Daughters Tonia and Dionna son Daryl), her partner of Stanley Rawlins, Nephews Rayland, Bobby Jr., Billy Ray, Ronnie Ray, Niece Sheri, Cousin Larry, (wife Mercedes), as well as other extended family and friends. Sisters Rose and Yoko Bradley. Rose, I love you Sis, Thanks for being there for our sister.

November 24th at 1:00 PM at the Sheridan Street Church of God, the corner of 23rd and Sheridan Street, Tacoma WA, 98405.